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Fulgurites are long, hollow glassy tubes produced in the Earth by lightning strikes. Some of the most beautiful fulgurites occur in sandy areas, originating at the ground surface and extending downward many feet to the water table. Underground, the lightning energy often bifurcates, or branches, as it does in the sky. When the lightning energy is transferred into the ground, the soil melts at ~7000 Kelvin and then resolidifies in odd, hollow, tubular shapes, forming a fulgurite. 

While fulgurites make beautiful displays in offices and museums, and are always a good conversational piece, their reputed power to enhance an individual's sex drive and to accelerate healing cannot be overlooked. Furthermore, fulgurites are reputed to provide the link between the physical and non-physical world, and to allow contact with alien civilizations. 

a zircon fulgurite 
A zircon fulgurite.

Fulgurites for sale by Lightning Byproducts, Inc. result from natural lightning around the world and from triggered lightning strikes in north central Florida. 

At the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing (the Center), a fulgurite from a natural lightning strike was excavated in the summer of 1997 that the Guinness Book of World Records has acclaimed the  World's Longest Excavated Fulgurite. The Center also studies lightning by shooting a four foot rocket trailing a grounding wire toward storm clouds causing lightning to be triggered and channeled back to ground via the wire. Instruments record information about the lightning strike such as current and electric and magnetic fields. 

In addition to normal sand, artificial "ground" materials such as zircon and diamond dust can be exposed to the energy of the strike using triggered lightning. As with the sand, this material is fused into hollow tubes, often producing beautiful fulgurites. 

Lightning Byproducts was formed to market the material remaining after lightning strikes. In addition to offering fulgurites, Lightning Byproducts also sells lightning related by-products such as lightning photographs and data for natural and triggered lightning strikes. Framed and unframed photographs are available in sizes up to 36" x 24". Lightning Byproducts also allows customers to 'fulguritize' your own media- including exotic sands, gemstones, crystals, your native soil, favorite beach's sand, or even your spatula collection. 

For more information on this topic, please enjoy this web site. If you have any further questions regarding the sale of photos, fulgurites, or for info on 'fulguritizing' your own material, contact Andrew.

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